Johns Creek, Georgia

Kudzu Klinic – Heather Beachem

Kudzu Klinic with Heather Beachem

February 22, 2014 (rain date February 23)

Frogcatcher Farm

810 Kimamy Court

Johns Creek, GA 30022

Photo: Lisa Slade/Sara Lieser- Chronicle of the Horse

Photo: Lisa Slade/Sara Lieser- Chronicle of the Horse

Grand Prix rider Heather Beachem
has been riding since the age of
five.  Heather started her career in
the local hunter ring, working her
way up to the National level 
through hard work and 
commitment to the sport.  She is a
USDF Gold Medalist, and was a 
member of the 2010 Region III 
NAJYRC Young Rider team.  
Heather has had the opportunity to
train with many admirable 
professionals through the years, 
most notably working for Karen 
Lipp since 2010. Heather has 
qualified and competed at the 
USEF Festival of Champions in 
Gladstone, New Jersey, three
times–Winning the Reserve
Champion title in the prestigious National Young Adult “Brentina Cup”
division in 2012; as well as, being on the developing rider list in 2011,
2012, and 2013. As a former young rider, Heather loves working with
kids; one of her goals is to encourage kids to get into the dressage ring
early in order to keep up with our European counterparts.

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The Brentina Cup, co-featured today, is designed to help riders make the step from the youth ranks to the professional level.

Brentina Cup winner Brian Hafner with Mary Cameron Rollins (left), who was third and runner-up Heather Ann Beachem. © 2012 by Nancy Jaffer

Brian Hafner, a Californian who rode Lombardo LHF to victory in both of the division’s classes, noted the Cup is vital because “right now, there’s really no competition for young Grand Prix riders.”

While the Brentina Cup horses are talented, “it’s just a different level” compared to the entries in the selection trials,  he pointed out. Brian’s overall score was 70.264 percent on the horse he bought as a youngster and brought along himself.  See, Stephen Colbert, you CAN do dressage on a budget.

While he doesn’t think Lombardo ever will make an Olympic team, Brian would like to ride him as a representative of the U.S., perhaps in the World Cup finals. Second went to Heather Ann Beachem of Georgia on Windsong (68.866) while Mary Cameron Rollins was third on Rose Noir 2 (68.374).

Both Heather and Mary had doubts about making it to the Cup; Heather because her horse is for sale and Mary because her mare suffered from allergies earlier in the year. But persistence pays off, and it was nice to see how joyful they were about taking part in the most important competition for their age group.

Dolly Kennedy & Torch and Valorie Ballentine & Liana both had great first outings this year at the Chicopee Woods Schooling Show
October 26, 2013


Kayce Redmond's daughter, Kennedy, also had a great time at the Chicopee Woods Show!!


Judge My Ride Premium Evaluation – Lauren Spjut and Dream


Lauren Spjut and Dream—August 23, 2012

From: Guest Judge Heather Beachem

This pair gives me a great first impression. Their turn-out is sharp and professional which makes me think the rider is taking riding seriously. I love that she is not intimidated to wear white gloves; to me it really finishes the look. The horse looks like he enjoys his job, and the rider looks like she is having a good time. This is so nice to see in the show ring, especially since for a lot of riders and horses, showing is a nerve-wrecking experience. This is a fancy little horse with some cool breeding!

The rider looks confident, and appears to be using her body correctly. She doesn’t appear to be leaning in any one direction, which is especially important when doing lateral movements. A lot of riders fall into the trap of leaning during lateral movements, and it is a very hard habit to break. It is a little hard to tell where her leg placement is from the front view, but I like her soft thigh and non-gripping knees. She has her stirrup on the ball of her foot and her toes forward, this seems like a little thing to notice but I see a lot of riders who hold their stirrups almost towards their heel which is not correct. I would like her shoulders a little more relaxed, she has great shoulders they just look a smidge high. She should try and elongate her neck and keep her eyes up. It would help to pull her helmet up off her face a little so it doesn’t automatically look like she is looking down.

Dream moves with a lot of expression and freedom in his shoulder. He is crossing nicely with a lot of reach; I would imagine you got a high score on this movement! The contact looks soft and his poll is the highest point. His expression is quiet and comfortable, and the pair seems to be working harmoniously.
Best of luck as the season comes to an end; I would imagine this duo is headed to Regional Championships. I look forward to seeing how far up the levels they go. They are off to a great start so far.

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